Texas Law Enforcement Records Association History 1994-2014


Cheryl Warden, from Greenville PD, was the founding person who had the insight for creating a Police Records Association. She recognized that Law Enforcement Records personnel were faced with the same challenges and questions. Several ideas were presented for the Association at one of the meetings and the Texas Law Enforcement Records Association title was adopted.

Everyone was reporting UCR (Uniform Crime Reports) Summary at the time; NIBRS (National Incident-Based Reporting System) was not even thought of; so you can see how long TLERA has been around.One of CRAZIEST endeavors was, “could there possibly be a day when all Records Divisions would come together and develop a standard in procedures?” History speaks for itself as it bears witness by all of us here today.

There was a period of time when TLERA no longer had leadership available to keep it going; however, Rowlett Police Department Records Manager – Kit Kemp started the organization once again and it has grown from that time.  The Texas Law Enforcement Records Association (TLERA) – would not exist without the devoted people who have kept it going. Thank you to everyone who has participated and made TLERA such a great success.