TLERA History

Texas Law Enforcement Records Association (TLERA) is a membership comprised of Records Assistants, Police Officers, Dispatchers, and Supervisors whose primary goal is to excel in their respective roles as it pertains to records management.

The Records Assistant title is an all-encompassing position and the duties are quite varied from agency to agency. The complexity of this includes striking a balance with regard to providing customer service, protecting the confidentiality of stored records, disseminating information to the public and / or other agencies, expunging documents, compiling case packets, Crash Report processing, data entry, maintaining compliance with UCR / IBR guidelines, alarm permits, etc., while working in a supporting role to officers, detectives, crime analysts, property technicians, and crime scene investigators.

The training offered through T.L.E.R.A. is invaluable. The networking among the agencies creates a team environment as many relationships have been formed by attending the quarterly training. Quite often an agency is not alone with the issues they face and the ideas / solutions shared at the conferences cannot be obtained elsewhere.

The cost of Membership is $70 per agency. This encourages good representation from each department. 70+ agencies throughout the State of Texas are currently members.

TLERA is recognized and supported by administrators at all levels because of the specific topics discussed. Below are some examples:

  • Crash Reports presented by Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT)
  • UCR – new reporting guidelines presented by Texas Department of Public Safety
  • IBR – new reporting guidelines presented by Texas Department of Public Safety
  • On-line Crash Reports presented by Police Reports.US
  • Case Summary presented by Crime Analyst, Brandon Sailer of Plano Police Department
  • Crime Information Bureau presented by Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Shelving and Filing Concepts presented by Scan-R-Store
  • Crisis Intervention Training presented by Sgt. A.D. Paul of Plano Police Department
  • Legislative updates presented by Curtis T. Howard, JD, Plano Police Legal Advisor