Message from TLERA President

2015-04-24 12.57.38While reflecting on the development of the Texas Law Enforcement Records Association, I was amazed at how far we have grown in the last year.  This organization started in the North Texas area and averaged 30 people a meeting.  As this year concluded, we now have 4 regions across this great state and upwards of 75 people at each meeting.  This just builds excitement that we take pride in performing our duties and seek enrichment at every opportunity.  

The agencies that host meetings continue to do a splendid job.  Arranging everything to make the day go seamlessly. Our speakers have presented relevant topics that spurred discussions within agencies and between agencies long after the presentation ended.  We have shared information about our agencies with each other in the spirit of growing the profession.

 Serving as President of such a dynamic group is an honor and one I take seriously.  I have enjoyed presenting our group at Law Enforcement Association meetings and sharing the excitement that is building about this organization.  

We become empowered through networking and making connections.

I look forward to making many connections, and connecting others as we come together for another year.   


Virginia Whiteside